Lucca Hill has three levels in which you can choose fabrics from. The difference in price mainly depends on the brand and quality of the fabric that you choose. Our most prestigious level, our Empire level, includes our 100% handmade and hand-matched garments. Below are some of our packages. 


Lucca Hill offers packages so that we can put together coordinating complete outfits for you. This will save you time as well as money.  It’s simple, the more you purchase the more savings you will receive.



Why should your beautiful Bride in her amazing gown stand next to you in your ill fitted rented tux? Lucca Hill will proudly make your wedding suit or tux for you and even your groomsmen. We want you to feel and look the part on your wedding day!




What separates LH from its competition?

LH is a small boutique company that was started by an industry-experienced woman with the passion to make service and quality her utmost priority. Pam prides herself on her lasting business relationships and her beautifully crafted garments.

How can I get a discount?

The best way to save at LH is by purchasing packages and by referring colleagues, clients, friends, and family to us in order to take advantage of our referral rewards program! LH will always do it’s best to satisfy each and every one of our clients and because you are working directly with the owner, prices can be negotiable.

When I place my order what are the extra costs?

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. All features on suits and sports coats including the ones that most of our competitors charge extra for (i.e. functional buttonholes on sleeves and hand edge stitching) are included in the cost of each garment.

What is the payment process for my order?

It is LH’s policy to charge a half down deposit at the time when the order is placed. The second half of the payment is due at your fitting. We accept many forms of payment including check, debit card, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.

Can I purchase a garment for someone else?

Yes, of course you can and the easiest way to do so it with a Lucca Hill gift certificate. There are many reasons to give a gift like a LH garment: Welcome a new assistant, reward a hard-working revenue producing employee, thank a family member, buy a birthday gift for a friend, celebrate the holidays and give a gift to your employees, your brother, your father, your son, or your husband! You can give any amount you want. Pam will work one on one with you to help you with your gift certificate purchase, just give her a call!

What is the Lucca Hill Guarantee?

LH stands behind all of its garments. Our custom clothing is made exactly to your specifications and measurements. Because of this, we cannot accept returns, but we will make sure you are happy by fixing and remaking your garments when necessary.